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lalbazar issues strict rules centering organizing concerts in kolkata – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Is the recklessness of some of the organizers of the event responsible for KK’s illness and death? That question has been on the rise since Wednesday. The question is, why was the AC off for an hour at the event? How did 6,000 visitors come in with a capacity of 2000? Why was the hot spotlight not extinguished on stage despite KK’s repeated requests? Why was the fire extinguisher being sprayed? Every time these questions are raised, questions are being raised about the role of the police!

On Friday, Lalbazar Police Commissioner Binit Goel said, “CCTV footage of Nazrul Mancha was taken on Tuesday. Fire Extinguisher was sprayed on the outside of Nazrul Mancha. There was over-crowding, but no exaggeration. People were standing, dancing, but the situation was under control, “said the police commissioner. It is being investigated whether more passes have been issued or not. Talking to KMDA, I learned that AC worked. Undertaking of the organizers will be taken from then on. An ambulance and a doctor should be arranged at the venue of the event. The issue will be monitored in the future so that more passes than capacity are not issued.

On Tuesday night, KK, the favorite singer of Assam-Himachal, crossed over to the land of no return. The musician fell ill during a program at Nazrul Mancha in South Kolkata that evening. A CCTV footage from the front shows Nazrul walking out of the stage as Keke walks down the stage, tired, his eyes almost closed, his smile fading, sweating profusely. He also got in the car and told the manager, “It feels very cold. ”

Since Tuesday night, there has been a flood of posts on social media, with various videos being shared. Many of those who made those posts went to Nazrul Mancha. Those posts show the crowd overflowing at the cake event. According to many eyewitnesses, seeing the crowd, Keke was hesitant to get out of the car at first. Somehow the crowd moved away and took him straight to the greenroom Is.


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