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Land problem in railway works in the state, which is an example of the project given by the railway officials – News18 Bangla


Abir Ghoshal, Kolkata: Problems with land acquisition. That is why 26 Indian Railways projects in West Bengal are stalled. At present there are 54 railway projects in operation in West Bengal. According to the Railways, at least 26 projects worth Tk 21,148 crore (including work on 265 km lines) have been repeatedly hampered due to lack of land. According to the railways, work will start again after getting the land.

The total number of projects in the state is 54. Of these, 18 new lines, 4 gauge changes and 34 doubling projects. The total cost is Rs 43,033 crore.

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• Work on 265 km line of 26 projects is stalled due to non-payment of land by West Bengal government. The project cost is Rs 21,148 crore.

All the big projects that are stuck due to non-availability of land are 13 new line projects. 1049 km Price 9225 crore

• Bargachhia-Champadanga, 32 km • Champadanga-Tarkeshwar, 6 km • Amta-Bagnan, 16 km • Jangipara-Furfura Sharif, 12 km. তৈরি Construction of Laxmikantpur-Namkhana line, 13.5 km from Namkhana to Chandranagar under main project, 5 km from Kakdwip to Budakhali, 16 km from Chandranagar to Bakkhali. 1200 km Cost 656 crore

• New Jalpaiguri-New Bangaigaon project – 35 km. Double 11 projects. 628 km Cost 526 crores

তিনটি Three new lines under New Alipore-Accra project. The total length is 31 km.

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Besides, Nandigram and Bhabadighi projects have been stuck for a long time. Although messages were given more than once from the highest level of administration about Bhavadighi, it did not work A project like Arambagh-Bishnupur section is stuck due to non-functioning of Bhabadighi section. In this situation, the railways are taking new initiatives to slow down these projects. According to the railways, work on several metro projects in Kolkata has also been delayed due to land issues. The ruling party is not paying attention to these allegations of the railways. The railways have slowed down their work even though they got the land.

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