Amit Sarkar, Kolkata: He has been involved in multiple blast cases. Not only in this state, but also in the far-flung commercial city of Mumbai, the capital, Delhi. Investigative agencies like the NIA have even taken him into custody as one of the pandas of the Delhi blasts.

The address of Lashkar member Sheikh Abdus Naeem for the last two days is Presidency Correctional Institution. Naeem, an active member of Lashkar-e-Taiba and sentenced to death, was brought to Kolkata from Tihar Jail on Tuesday.

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The Calcutta High Court itself has questioned the death sentence handed down by the Bangaon court. His address is now the Presidency Correctional Institution as per the court order. Khadim Karta is being held captive there, and high-profile prisoners like Aftab Ansari, the mastermind of the militant attack on the Calcutta America Center, are being held there. There is Kausar accused of incidents like the Buddhist Gaya explosion. There is also militant Jamaluddin.

This time Sheikh Abdul Naeem has a place in this correctional facility under tight security. A division bench of the High Court headed by Justice Jayamalya Bagchi and Justice Vibhas Patnaik on Tuesday directed the DG and ADG of the state police to ensure the safety of the most wanted convicts.

According to State Prisons, Naeem is not alone. At present, five accused involved in sabotage activities are serving their sentences in this penitentiary. So there is no security gap. Lashkar member Naeem has been kept in the cell. Sources in the jail office said that the jail guards have been deployed at all times.

Not only that, in the cell where Naeem is, there are also closed circuit cameras for surveillance. Naeem is being kept under constant surveillance from the correctional facility office. Naeem also has a record of escaping from Dumdum Correctional Institution in 2014. This matter has also been taken seriously, said an official of the jail office.

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According to the Presidency Correctional Institution, Naeem is on a normal diet. After being brought to the correctional facility, the health examination has also been followed. All in all, the inside of the correctional facility is busy with the security of another high profile prisoner.

Incidentally, in April 2006, Sheikh Abdul Naeem and his associates were trying to cross the Indo-Bangladesh border. The other three were Pakistani nationals Mohammad Yunus, Abdullah and Muzaffar Ahmed, a resident of Jammu and Kashmir. Fake identity cards, licenses were obtained from them. They could not show the correct documents. Later, explosives were also seized from Naeem.

The CID took over the investigation of the case. Evidence of their Lashkar-e-Taiba has been found. Naeem was not alone, in 2008 police arrested four more people with him. Apart from Naeem, the others included Pakistani nationals Mohammad Yunus, Abdullah and Muzaffar Ahmed, a resident of Jammu and Kashmir. Everyone was sentenced to death.

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