# Laketown: Arrest with firearms in Dakshindari is a crime. On Thursday night, a miscreant was roaming the southern part of Laketown. At that time, the patrolling police became suspicious when they saw him. He was later arrested for inconsistency during police interrogation. It is known that the name of the villain is Momin Ali. A firearm was recovered from the victim. One round cartridge was recovered. Police are investigating why the young man was walking around the area with firearms at night.

During interrogation, the police came to know that Momin Ali was involved in various anti-social activities. Today he was taken to Bidhannagar court. According to police sources, a young man was spotted fleeing from a police vehicle while he was on duty at Golsia in Rajarhat police station area that night. He was then chased and caught.

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A firearm and a round of ammunition were recovered from the victim during the search. Why were you walking around with firearms? Where did you get it? Rajarhat police are investigating.

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