# Ultodanga: Missing professor walking out of the house. The body was found in Ultodanga. Abhijit Sharma, a 51-year-old professor of English at Maulana Azad College, left home on Monday evening. He is a resident of Dumdum Cantonment area. No trace of him had been found since evening. Then on Tuesday morning the family got a call that the body of the professor was found near Ultodanga station.

According to the professor’s family, Abhijit Sharma used to go out for a walk every day at 7 pm. He returned home at nine o’clock at night. But the search started when Abhijit Sharma did not return even after 9 pm on Monday. Even missing diaries are made. Later that day, the family received a call at around 11 am that the body of an elderly man had been recovered in Ultodanga, whose face resembled that of Abhijit Sharma. The body was identified by the family.

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According to police sources, Abhijit Sharma has a son. Who studies in Delhi. There is also a wife at home. The bewildered family in mourning.

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