#Kolkata: Asansol and Baliganj by-elections are going on in the state under the strict surveillance of Central Forces and State Police (Bengal By Election 2022). The turnout was low since morning. Although the time has increased, the picture has not changed much in Baliganj. According to the statistics provided by the commission till eleven o’clock in the afternoon, the turnout was much lower in Baliganj assembly constituency. On the other hand, the situation is somewhat promising in Asansol. Turnout in Baliganj assembly by-election is 11% till 11 am. Turnout in Asansol Lok Sabha by-election is 28%. Earlier, the vote was held in Asansol till 9 am 12. 6 percent. 7 percent in Baliganj.

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Meanwhile, BJP candidate Agnimitra Pal had to face protests in Barabani of Asansol on this day. Even the BJP candidate’s car was allegedly attacked with bamboo and sticks Agnimitra Paul also alleged that his security guard’s car was vandalized. Locals also alleged that Agnimitra Pal’s security guards beat him to disperse protesters.

According to the commission, there was no rigging anywhere. Agnimitra Paul had a large convoy in a populated area of ​​Barabani. So at first the police had difficulty in controlling the situation (Bengal By Election 2022). Asansol police commissioner has started investigation into the incident. On the other hand, Agnimitra Pal was accused of entering the booth with armed security guards. The Election Commission then warned Agnimitra Pal, a BJP candidate from Asansol. Sources said that the commission sent a message to the BJP candidate through the police.

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However, Babul Supriyo (Bengal By Election 2022) has been seen in good spirits since morning. After visiting the booths, Babul Supriya sat down with the staff at the election office in Deshpriya Park. Singara, Sarlen breakfast with crispy kachuri. He can be heard singing. “There was a lot of controversy against me here. I used to be 80% of the people. I’m with 100% of the people now. I’ve tried my best here. Everyone on the team has fought with me,” said Babul.

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