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#Kolkata: Marine Trust (Vessel M / v Marine Trust 1) ended its journey at 9 am today. The ship was supposed to return to Chittagong port of Bangladesh. But an investigation is under way into why the ship, which was scheduled to sail from NSD tomorrow, suddenly sank within 15 minutes.

It is learned that 18 20 feet containers have gone directly into the water and 10 40 feet containers are floating on the surface of the water which has been secured with ropes. All possible measures are being taken to bring the situation under control and reduce the damage to the cargo ship (Vessel M / v Marine Trust 1). Contacting passenger or freight terminal operators, salvage operators and insurance companies.

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Two days ago, a passenger launch was sunk by a cargo ship. The accident took place on Sunday in the Narayangunj River in Bangladesh. In the video, it is seen that the passenger launch 7 somehow fell in front of the giant ship After that the ship continues to move by pushing the launch The launch is slowly sinking Some of the passengers were seen jumping into the river to save their lives Within a few moments, the launch was completely submerged

The video was recorded from another launch near where the crash happened The passengers of the second launch shouted and warned to stop the ship But the last defense did not There were about fifty passengers in that launch Until the last news, only 6 bodies have been recovered Several passengers swam ashore As a result, the risk of further casualties is increasing A search has been launched to rescue the missing In addition to the shipwreck, several crew members, including a sailor, were detained Why the news of repeated launch accidents is coming from Bangladesh? The question arises.

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