Laxmi Bhandar Scheme: Big news! The state has simplified the rules of Lakshmi’s treasury, the problems of many people have been solved …

#Kolkata: The state simplified the rules regarding documents related to Laxmi Bhandar. The name for Lakshmi Bhandar has to be approved only if it is considered eligible to get health partner card, Aadhaar card, ethnic certificate. Such instructions have been sent to the districts on behalf of the Department of Women and Child Welfare. The guidelines were sent on Friday, sources said. As a result, the top echelons of Navanna think that the complexity of the incomplete application form will be reduced a lot.

The guidelines say that the district administration will check whether the applicants are eligible to get health card, Aadhaar card, ethnic certificate or not. The concerned district administration will approve their application only if they are deemed eligible to get these documents after verifying all the information. Guidelines were issued on behalf of the Department of Women and Child Welfare to facilitate Lakshmi’s collection. The guideline said that the application of the applicants will be approved only if they have Aadhaar card, health card, ethnic certificate documents for Lakshmi’s collection. But if they do not have these documents, they can still apply.

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The state simplified that guideline on Friday. That guideline has already been sent to each district. About 35 lakh applications were incomplete for Lakshmi’s collection. Of these, more than eight lakh applicants could not be given benefits even after sending financial benefits to the state as their bank accounts were not valid. Besides, the applications of more than 26 lakh applicants were incomplete. Nabanna was thinking about how to provide financial benefits to the nearly 35 lakh applicants. Nabanna thinks the guidelines will cut a lot of complications on Friday. He recently held a virtual meeting with Lakshmi. Instructed to solve all the problems by October 30.

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