Laxmi Puja in Sudip Bandyopadhyays House You know what?

#Kolkata: Arranging worship of Goddess of Wealth in the house of Bengali. Celebrities from the household were busy worshiping Lakshmi. Whether he was a politician or an actor-actress, everyone was busy worshiping Lakshmi. As every year, Trinamool MLA Nayana Bandyopadhyay and her husband Sudip Bandyopadhyay, a veteran Trinamool MP, joined Lakshmi Pujo at her home.

However, this time Sudip-Nayana couple’s Lakshmipujo has more surprises than other times. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has launched the ‘Lakshmi Bhandar’ project for women in the state. The Trinamool MP and MLA couple prayed to Lakshmi Pratima on this day so that all the women of the country get the benefit of this Lakshmi Bhandar project.

The Banerjee couple also prayed for Mamata Banerjee to become the next Prime Minister. However, Nayana Devi organizes Lakshmi Pujo at home every year. Nayana Bandyopadhyay handles everything from bringing the idol from Kumartuli to the details of Pujo alone. This time too he did not do otherwise.

Again, Trinamool MP Mala Roy also worshiped with devotion. He was also seen in his house on this day to worship with pomp. Swami Nirved Roy has also started worshiping Mala Devi.

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Like every year, this year also the worship of Dhanadevi was organized in the house of the great hero Uttam Kumar. Madan Mitra, a Trinamool MLA from Kamarhati, went to the puja on Wednesday. Attending the puja at Uttam Kumar’s house, he said, “People like Uttar Kumar, Tarun Kumar are involved with every stone of this house.” At the same time, Madan Mitra prayed to mother Lakshmi for all the members of Uttam Kumar’s family.

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