Leather Complex police Station: Rickshaw pullers are not exempt! Police brutality, you have to pay 20, 40, 50 rupees every day

#Kolkata, Welfare Zone: Car, not lorry driver. They are ordinary rickshaw pullers. Rose’s income is small. Now, in the age of Toto and Otto, the earnings of rickshaw pullers have come down again. As a result, the income is much lower now than before. Yet they are not protected from police brutality. Kolkata Leather Complex Police Station has been accused of extorting money from ordinary rickshaw pullers in a filmy manner on Basanti Highway. Rickshaw pullers united against police brutality.

Police raids are going on on Basanti Highway every morning. Engine van drivers suffering unbearably. Police personnel on night duty at the Kolkata Leather Complex have been extorting Tk 20-40 or sometimes Tk 50 from the engine van drivers. As soon as this news reached our ears, we reached Gate No. 3 of Kolkata Leather Complex this morning.

Going to the scene, I was able to catch the eye. It can be seen there, the police firing in public. Policemen are trying to get the engine van drivers lined up.

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At first, the journalist was prevented from taking pictures. When asked why the police were taking money, one of the policemen said that the driver of the engine van paid him twenty rupees every day. But the engine van drivers complained, the police forcibly recovered from them. If anyone escapes, the police chase him with a bike and collect him.

Sometimes inside the leather complex, and sometimes outside the leather complex, the police are collecting money in multiple places. As a result, ordinary rickshaw drivers are facing problems.

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