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#Kolkata: The Left and the Congress have practically flown away despite forming an alliance in the Bengal Assembly polls. Since then, questions have been raised within the two parties about the relevance of the alliance. A large section of the Left is also opposed to the alliance with the Congress.

Regarding the alliance on Tuesday, Biman Basu said, “The alliance will be discussed on the Left Front. But one thing is clear, the Trinamool BJP complements each other. So we have to fight these two forces together. And the people have to vote.”

However, Sujan Chakraborty has also hinted at an alliance with the Congress in the by-elections. Although the Left-Congress alliance has a different view of the Forward Bloc. Their statement is that it has been decided to fight the election as the Left Front. No one can use the name Left Front if they want to form an alliance.

Even before the November 15 meeting, the differences were clearly on the Left Front (Biman Basu). By the way, the state left front is going to sit in the meeting on November 15 to prepare for the municipal elections. Before that, the alliance was practically two allied parties on two poles. CPM central committee members have hinted at a coalition to fight the Trinamool and BJP together.

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Naren Chatterjee, state secretary of the Forward Bloc, made it clear that it was decided that all votes from the movement would be from the Left Front. If anyone wants to form an alliance, let them separate. Cannot use left front name. All in all, the storm on the Left Front before the meeting with the alliance.

On the other hand, Pradeep Bhattacharya, the leader of the Provincial Congress, also hinted at an alliance. So it will be discussed at the provincial level. So it is better to leave this matter to the provincial leadership. If the leftist leaders want any review on this issue, we will discuss it. However, it is not possible to change the attitude of the state in the last election.

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