Left Front: Congress-ISF is far away, there is no bigger Left Front again!

#Kolkata: Alimuddin Street occasionally takes the initiative to move from the Left Front to the Greater Left Front. To that end, meetings are sometimes held with left parties outside the front. Keeping in view various issues, sometimes 16 groups and sometimes 16 groups hold programs together. But until then. There is no reflection of him in the election. It goes to waste for various reasons. In the last assembly elections, a united front was formed in alliance with the Congress and ISF. As a result, the teams outside the front increased the distance again. Earlier in the Lok Sabha elections, the seat agreement with the CPI (M) Liberation Front went a long way, but in the end it did not materialize. Allied parties questioned Alimuddin’s tactics as he could not open a single seat in the Assembly elections. The Forward Bloc has taken it a step further by saying that they will not accept anything if they form an alliance with the Congress and ISF in the future.

Political parties have already started preparations for the Kolkata and Howrah municipal elections. Discussions are also going on on the Left Front. The ISF no longer wants to wait. The decision to go it alone was taken at a meeting of the state committee of the organization on Sunday. It has been decided that candidates will be fielded for 20 to 25 seats in Kolkata and Howrah on behalf of the organization. No talks have started with the Congress yet. But since no proposal has yet reached the left parties outside the front, they have started sorting out the ghuti like themselves.

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PDS leader Sameer Puttund said, “The alliance is probably not happening. We will field candidates. Discussions have taken place in the states. Discussions are also taking place in the districts. However, there was no discussion about the alliance.” CPIM Liberation Front leader Perth Ghosh said, “There is no initiative of the front leadership in the alliance. Preparations are underway to field a candidate. However, there is still time to discuss the alliance.”

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SUC leader Amitabh Chatterjee said, “Let the leaders of the Left Front decide who is their friend and who is their enemy. We think it is right to go to the polls in a movement.” One of the leaders of the Left Front said that the Left Front is the alternative to the Left Front and not the United Front or the Greater Left Front.

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