Left Front: Suddenly the ‘old friend’ got left! The next direction from Sunday’s meeting

#Kolkata: Left Front-Liberation is close again! It is learned that in the first meeting after the assembly elections, a joint movement was decided with several programs. Liberation is also part of the strike on the 28th and the BJP’s attack on the Left in Tripura. Yesterday, on 12 September, a joint meeting of all the allied parties of the Left Front and the CPI (ML) Liberation was held. After the meeting, Left Front President Biman Basu issued a statement announcing several decisions.

1) Repeal of new agricultural law, minimum support price of crops, state-owned banks, insurance, trains, railway stations, mines, sale of factories, cancellation of labor code, repeal of new electricity bill and national education policy, cooking gas, petrol and diesel. The United Kisan Morcha (UMM) has called for a general strike across West Bengal in support of the September 26 ban on India in the wake of demands to curb abnormal inflation. Left parties in West Bengal are appealing to the people of the state to make extensive preparations for the strike in all the villages and towns of West Bengal and to make the strike a complete success.

2) In Tripura, the rogue forces of the ruling party have organized a violent Benazir Bhutto attack against the Left. On September 8-9, 2021, about 50 offices of the CPI (M) including state offices, district committees and sub-divisional committees were set on fire and vandalized. The offices of other leftist parties and offices of mass organizations have been attacked. The statue of Comrade Dasaratha Dev, the revered public leader of Tripura, has been smashed. Homes of leftist activists have been attacked and many have been set on fire. Media offices have also been attacked and vandalized. The district office of RSP and CPI (ML) Liberation in Udaipur of Gomti district has been brutally attacked and destroyed.

The attack took place in front of the police, they remained silent, inactive. Even Tandbe has helped. The manner in which the attack was carried out is clearly premeditated and the state administration has carried out this heinous attack on the opposition. No miscreants have been arrested since the incident, but the attack has been legitimized from the top echelons of the state administration.

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Democracy is in danger in Tripura. Leaders and activists of the Left Front have been attacked since the BJP came to power, many have been killed. The opposition has also been deprived of its right to conduct normal political activities. The civil rights of ordinary people are being repeatedly violated. There is no atmosphere of rule of law in accordance with the constitution. In the meantime, people are increasingly protesting for their livelihood, work and food. Meetings, processions, demonstrations. The BJP has launched a vicious attack to stifle the protests.

A joint meeting of the Left Front and the CPI (ML) Liberation Front has strongly condemned the attack. It is urging the Tripura government to take effective steps to end the violence. The central government also cannot remain silent in this attack on the democratic system in a state of the country. They need to intervene to restore the rule of law. The West Bengal Left Front and the CPI (ML) Liberation are expressing solidarity with the struggling people of Tripura. There have been protests in the state against the attack in Tripura, which must be continued.

3) Left parties in West Bengal are protesting against the decision to relocate the headquarters of the National Institute for the Orthopedically Handicapped NIOH (NILD), a central government body located in Banahugali, Kolkata. Leftist parties are supporting the protests of the general public organized by the West Bengal State Disability Conference in protest of the relocation of the headquarters. Incidentally, this central body was formed in 1986 on land given by the state government. People in various states of East and North East India, including West Bengal, rely heavily on this organization for treatment. In addition, the institute has opportunities for students to study and train in various subjects, which will be hampered if the headquarters is shifted. Leftist parties are demanding that the NIHO headquarters not be relocated from Banahugali. Elsewhere in the country, the central government may want to set up such an organization, but the West Bengal-based company should be headquartered in West Bengal.

4) In today’s meeting, it was further decided that a short meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 14 at 3:30 pm in front of the Lenin statue in Kolkata to express solidarity with the people of Tripura and support the strike.

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