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#Kolkata: Bikashranjan Bhattacharya, a former mayor of Kolkata and a leftist member of the Rajya Sabha, called for the police administration to take up the baton, not protect rights. On the day of the results of the Kolkata pre-poll (KMC Election 2021), the Left MP made a post on social media and taunted the police administrator of Kolkata and the state.

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In his Facebook post, Bikasharanjan Bhattacharya wrote, “Don’t waste time on the results of the by-elections. The by-elections taught a lesson that rights cannot be protected by relying on the police administration.” In his Facebook post, the MP further wrote, “In self-defense and protection of rights, one has to hold a stick in one’s hand. Nowadays, ordinary people, even lawyers, do not trust to go to the police station for fear of thugs. . “

A heated discussion has started in the political arena around such a Facebook post of the Left Parliament. Meanwhile, the Trinamool is on its way to take over Chhota Lalbari (KMC Election 2021) by ensuring victory in the Kolkata municipal elections. There was no doubt about the victory from the beginning. Neither the BJP nor the Left-Congress agreed that the victory of the Trinamool in the Calcutta by-elections was just a matter of time. As the results came out on Tuesday, it became clear. As the day progressed, the Trinamool lost not only the BJP, the Left Front or the Congress, but also the exit polls.

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Significantly, however, the BJP did not emerge in the Kolkata municipal polls (KMC Election 2021) despite the exit poll predictions. The Trinamool went ahead in the Calcutta municipal elections. They also surpassed the result of Ekushey election. Initially, the BJP failed to become the main opposition.

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