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Left student-youth protest on the way alleging recruitment corruption, situation thunderstorm – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Thunderstorms erupted in Salt Lake Karnamayee in protest of left-wing student-youth organizations alleging SSC recruitment corruption. On Friday, the Left had a special protest and demonstration in Karunamayi demanding the arrest of Paresh Adhikari and those accused of SSC corruption. The administration was also preparing for that. There was a huge police force in Karunamayi from morning and barricades were set up.

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As the day progressed, the Left’s program began. Tensions were running high at the moment. The scuffle started with the police. Events gradually escalate. The protesters have alleged that the police raised the protesters with a stick. It was also alleged that several defendants fell ill. After that, the protesters started protesting in the streets. After that a huge police force reached the spot. Defendants were then detained, taken to a bus and evacuated. Left leader Meenakshi Mukherjee was also among the protesters. He was also reportedly detained.

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The counter-police said that the allegation of using sticks was not true. The police did not use batons. Several policemen were injured in the scuffle with the protesters. In response to a question from reporters, the police directly stated that the baton was not fired. On the contrary, the policeman was seen lying on the road due to the protesters.

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