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#Kolkata: The Left Front 6 wants to contest the Kolkata municipal elections keeping its feet on the ground of reality Therefore, even after announcing the list of candidates before the Trinamool, BJP, the demand for the occupation of Calcutta Municipality was not heard by the Left leadership. Instead, the Left is contesting the elections with the aim of overcoming the catastrophe of the Assembly elections and becoming the main opposition party in the municipality (Left Front Candidate List for KMC Elections 2021).

In 114 out of 144 wards of Kolkata Municipality (KMC Elections 2021) candidates have been declared on this day on behalf of Left. Leftists will field 13 more candidates in the remaining 13 seats The remaining 17 seats are reserved for Congress or ISF

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Leftists are lagging behind in all the constituencies in Kolkata in terms of Assembly elections The primary goal of the Left is to turn around in the municipal elections from that place However, looking at the results of the Left in the Assembly elections or the by-elections thereafter, there will be skepticism surrounding this demand of the Left.

Announcing the list of candidates on behalf of the Left Front on the same day, Kolkata District CPM Secretary Kallol Majumder said, “We are not claiming that we will win 60-72 seats and take over the municipality. But there are 40 to 45 seats where we have a chance to win. ” In announcing the list of candidates, the Left leadership has made it clear that they want to fight the BJP-Trinamool both parties equally.

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It has already become clear that the Left is not formally allying with the Congress. While announcing the list of candidates on this day, the Left leadership also tried to explain the reason They claim that if the alliance is formed before the vote, in many cases there will be a negative reaction between the supporters of the two parties So this time it has been decided to fight as many seats as possible in their own strength

Only the seats in which Congress is stronger or the wards they hold, like in ward 45, have been left out. Because the Left’s goal is to stop the Trinamool and the BJP at any cost

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