#Kolkata: The leftists have also got amazing success as a result of the municipality. The Left has already improved a lot in terms of vote share. Apart from Darjeeling, the only opposition-run municipality in the state is also left-wing (West Bengal Municipal Election 2022). All in all, the Left camp wants to judge the result of the referendum as a beacon of hope.

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The Left is slightly ahead of the BJP in terms of the percentage of votes, though it is lagging behind the BJP in terms of the number of seats in the 108 municipal polls. The BJP still holds a total of 63 seats, taking into account the number of seats declared and ahead. On the other hand, the Left holds a total of 56 seats (West Bengal Municipal Election 2022). But in terms of percentage, the BJP has a total of 13.42 per cent votes, while the Left has 13.56 per cent.

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The only opposition-occupied municipality is occupied by the Left. Leftists got majority in Taherpur municipality. He can talk about holding the power of the municipality. Left Front has won in 7 out of 13 wards of Taherpur and Trinamool has won in 5 wards. Leftists have naturally occupied the board (West Bengal Municipal Election 2022). Last time also this municipality was occupied by leftists.

The Left has done well in the overall polls. In almost every district, more or less seats have been occupied by the Left. From the time of the election of Puranigam, a kind of rise of the Left was noticed. The political circles think that the trend is continuing in this election as well.

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