# Anup Chakraborty | Kolkata: Leopard skin found in Kolkata With a few pieces of tail recovered. Investigators estimate that those who had them had more skins. The skins and cheetah skulls were recovered from a dustbin in the Muchipara police station area. They were kept in the bed cover. The Wildlife Crime Control Cell rescued everything from 29 / A Criclane after receiving information through sources.

This morning, it was reported from Muchipara police station that there were some tiger skins wrapped in cloth next to a dustbin. Upon receiving the news, the officer at the port office reached the spot. Two leopard skins were recovered from there. Their guess is that tiger skins are very old. Investigators believe the smugglers may have brought the tiger to sell. But not being able to sell in any way, leaving without getting customers.

When brought to the office at the port of Salt Lake, it was found that there were two skins. And three distinct tails were found with it. The skin of a full-grown adult and a middle-aged leopard between the two skins. After examining all the evidence, the police suspect that the traffickers have left them, they have more skin.

Police are examining CCTV footage of the Muchipara police station area, and investigating officers are also talking to locals to find out who or what was left behind.

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