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Liberation is not getting symbol in Kolkata pre-poll, by-election Election Commission – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: The party did not get a symbol in the Kolkata municipal elections. And this time CPIM (Liberation) (CPIML) is at the door of the commission. The party has fielded candidates for three seats in the Kolkata Pur (KMC) elections. But Liberation claims that the symbol does not match in this case. On Monday, the delegation called for the election symbol on behalf of the party at the State Election Commission. Party leader Basudeb Basu said, “The state symbol has not been ‘registered’ in the state election commission yet. Therefore, I have approached the commission to get their own symbol. Despite assurances from the commission, it is not final yet. The party has already started taking steps to get the symbol.” “We will go as far as we have to for the symbol. The National Election Commission has recognized it. We can use a symbol all over the country. The State Election Commission is making excuses. I can’t say what is the reason behind it,” said Perth Ghosh, the party’s first-line leader.

Although the party did not believe in parliamentary democracy at one time, it took part in voting politics several years ago. But Liberation did not have an election symbol as it could not get a good foothold in the polling station. The symbol given by the Election Commission had to be contested. However, as a result of the last assembly elections in Bihar, the party finally got the recognition of the symbol. The three of them on the flag took to the field in the last Lok Sabha elections with that symbol of Liberation. But this time the sign is not recognized.

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Liberation made its debut on the ballot in 1989. Candidates in the name of IPF or Indian People’s Front were fielded from Ara Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar. And Liberation won that seat and sent the first representative to Parliament. This Naxalite organization has been contesting elections in the name of the party since 1990. At present, the party has been participating in the politics of voting in different parts of the country by relying on parliamentary democracy.

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Highlighting the problems of vote politics, Perth Ghosh said, “In the past when we used to boycott elections, when we talked about alternative ways, the rulers used to say why you are on that path. A senior Naxalite leader said, “Political parties participating in elections often question transparency. And some leaders of those parties use enough guns in different places. There is no cooperation. “

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