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#Kolkata: In the case of Coronavirus Bengal in the state, the pre-poll is likely to be postponed. According to sources, the election of four municipalities is likely to be held on February 12 (Municipal Election 2022). On behalf of the state, it has been informed that the State Election Commission may be offered to vote for 4 Pur Nigam on 12 February. The State Election Commission is likely to discuss the matter tomorrow. The commission may be asked to vote on February 12 instead of January 22 on behalf of the state. That is the news of the source.

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According to commission sources, the proposal is yet to come. The discussion is over. Tomorrow the draft of the notice on behalf of the Commission will be finalized and mailed to the Chief Secretary (Municipal Election 2022). Because, that notice will be referred to the court. According to the source, the draft has to be finalized after looking at all the legal aspects. If the green signal is given in the draft, the commission will issue a notification on the website. It is learned that there is no news that the Chief Secretary will come to the commission tomorrow. Probably, the commissioner will not come to the office tomorrow.

Coronavirus infection is on the rise in the state. This situation led to calls from various parties for reconsideration of the date of Municipal Election 2022 in the state. So a case was filed in the Calcutta High Court. At the hearing in that case, the state spoke of holding elections in accordance with the Covid Restrictiocns, but many demanded that the election be stopped due to infection. The High Court directed the commission to take a final decision on the basis of that public interest case.

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Incidentally, next January 22 Siliguri, Bidhannagar, Chandannagar, Asansol Purnigam elections (West Bengal Election 2022) is. In the meantime, the campaign is in full swing starting from the announcement of candidates everywhere. However, it has to be propagated in accordance with the Covid Restrictiocns. The administration is strictly controlling any violation of the rules. The state and the commission have repeatedly mentioned this in the court. Following the arguments at the hearing, the court referred to Article Z (a) of Article 243 of the Constitution, saying that the final decision on the vote could be taken by the Commission.

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