#Kolkata: Goa after Christmas, and Tripura in the new year. The eyes of the two birds are now the target grassroots. The top leadership of the Trinamool Congress is preparing for one visit after another, whether the Kolkata Municipality votes are cast or not. According to sources, the party’s all-India general secretary Abhishek Banerjee is going to Tripura at the beginning of the new year. Abhishek can go to the house of the affected party workers and meet them. That is the news of the grassroots sources.

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According to sources, the date of Abhishek Banerjee’s visit to Tripura has been changed. The Trinamool All India General Secretary will be in Tripura on January 2-3. According to sources, the party leaders, including Abhishek, decided to go to the homes of the Trinamool Congress workers in Tripura at that time.

Last month, Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee visited Tripura. Though there was a plan to march in Tripura at that time, it was not allowed. Instead, street meetings are allowed. This time the team is looking at what new surprises will be in Abhishek’s plan.

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According to sources, Trinamool Congress general secretary Abhishek Banerjee is going to visit Goa and Tripura after Christmas. According to grassroots sources, he is going to Goa on December 26. He is scheduled to hold a joining program and multiple meetings there. Abhishek is scheduled to stay there till December 26.

Earlier it was learned that Abhishek Banerjee will fly from Goa to Tripura. However, now it is known from the grassroots sources that Abhishek is going to set foot in Tripura at the beginning of the new year. He also has multiple programs there.

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The Trinamool Congress has taken to the field to strengthen its organization in foreign states after getting huge support in West Bengal in this year’s assembly elections. Trinamool has already fought in the Tripura by-elections. Goa is also preparing to contest the assembly polls. Two former Goa chief ministers, Luisinho Faleiro and Alema Churchill, have joined the grassroots. Assembly vote in Goa in February. That is what the grasshopper camp has done. Tripura is under surveillance.

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