Wednesday, June 29, 2022

list of south trains of south eastern railway canceled tommorrow and day after – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Howrah fiery in the blockade-protest! Rail service disrupted due to protests in Ankurhati, Howrah. Protesters protested by burning tires on the railway in multiple places on Friday. Local trains as well as long-distance trains have been disrupted. Multiple trains have already been canceled. As a result, the railway passengers are in extreme trouble.

Howrah-Bhadrak Baghajatin Express, Howrah-Adra Shiromoni Express, Howrah-Purulia Superfast Express, Howrah-Purulia Superfast Express, Howrah-Bhadrak Baghajatin Express were canceled tomorrow. -Tatanagar Steel Express), Shalimar-Puri Express (Shalimar-Puri Express), Howrah-Digha-Howrah Special. Naturally, many passengers are in extreme trouble.

Multiple trains have also been canceled on 11th, including Tatanagar-Howrah Steel Express, Adra-Howrah-Shiromani Express, Purulia-Howrah Express, Bhadrak Howrah Express.

Multiple local trains were canceled due to protests on Friday. 15 sub and 15 down EMU local were canceled. Routes have been changed to Howrah-Mumbai Gitanjali Express and Howrah-Mumbai Weekly Express.

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