Loadshedding in Bengal: Because of that heavy rain, there is a danger of a terrible power outage in Bengal in Pujo!

#Kolkata: Fear of power outages in Pujo? Due to heavy rain. Most of the coal mines in Bengal and Jharkhand are still submerged. Coal extraction in hundreds of collieries of ECL, BCCL and CCL has practically come to a halt. The power plants are not getting coal as per the demand. Coal is supplied to most of the power plants in Bengal from Jharkhand and Bengal. Power generation has already begun to be disrupted. The demand for electricity is much higher during the festive season than at other times. In this situation the situation is becoming increasingly complicated due to the lack of coal.

Coal stocks at power plants in the state are nearing completion. If the rapid supply of coal is not normal, the crisis will increase. Rainwater is still frozen in the colliery shots. Trying to normalize the situation quickly. The amount of coal stored in all the collieries which are currently ‘obsolete’ due to continuous rains is also declining. As new coal extraction is stopped, the amount of reserves is also decreasing.

At present the situation is being handled by supplying the stored coal to the power plants. However, as the power plants did not get coal as per the demand, it is reported that power generation is declining in most of the power plants in the state as well as in the whole country. The Jharkhand government has already informed the Union Coal Ministry and asked it to take necessary action. Although West Bengal has not yet been affected by the power outage, load shedding has started in large parts of Jharkhand.

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Many coal mines of ECL, BCCL and other central government agencies as well as private coal mining companies are still flooded. There are numerous coal mines in Jharkhand and Raniganj Asansol coal mining areas. All these collieries are also rich in coal reserves. However, the amount of rain this year has been much higher than other times or the rain is still scattered, which is why the coal mining authorities are struggling to solve the problem. However, they assured that work is underway to extract rain water stored in the coal mines. Soon the supply of coal will become normal. However, state power minister Arup Biswas said, “There is no reason to worry. We are keeping an eye on the whole situation. During the festive season, uninterrupted power supply will be maintained throughout Bengal.

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