Local Train in West Bengal: Long awaited local train

#Kolkata: Local Train in West Bengal has started in Bengal from today, Sunday, after 5 months of overcoming the obstacles of Kovid-Kal. Under the Covid situation, the Eastern Railway Authority had introduced Special Train in various branches. Although the train started running at the pre-scheduled time from today, the commuters have problems as some scheduled trains do not run in the morning. Besides, some passengers have raised questions about how safe the train journey will be for the passengers due to the cowardly situation. However, as Sunday is a holiday, the number of passengers on the train is less than the office hours of other days. However, smiles are on the faces of hawkers. They are hoping for a change of days after a long time.

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After 5 months, finally the news of relief for the commuters. It has been informed in the notification on behalf of the railways that the local train will run step by step. The state government has directed to normalize local train services. And after that instruction, a notification was issued by the South Eastern Railway. Travelers are happy for normal reasons. Chameli Debnath, a commuter, said, “After almost two years, I left home safely. Going to New Island. It is very good that the local train service has been launched. But we, the passengers, have to abide by the corona rules. Otherwise, the lockdown situation is bound to return.

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The local train will run with fifty percent passengers. But many are skeptical about how many trains will be able to run according to the Corona rules. Although it has been made clear by the state administration and the railways, local trains will run according to all the rules. However, the number of passengers was low in many places as Sunday was a holiday and the first day of the local train. In the words of one train driver, “Corona can be called a national disaster, in which case the way the state government and the central government have handled everything is commendable. We also want the train to run and the train passengers to get the service.

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However, the happiest are probably the hawkers. Normal. After being closed for a long time, the road of income is opening for them again. There is no obstacle for railway hawkers to hawk in Atimari. But the railways have informed that they have to hawk according to the Corona rules. Many passengers on the train complain that all the hawkers on the train are not wearing masks. Corona-Kal is not following the other precautionary rules. Rail wants to handle those issues with a firm hand.

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