#Kolkata: The BJP dreamed of occupying Bengal before the last assembly elections. The slogan was, ‘Is bar, dosho par’. That dream though did not see the light of day. But the BJP emerged as the only opposition party in Bengal. Left and Congress zero West Bengal Assembly. So the fight was supposed to be between the ruling Trinamool vs. the opposition BJP. But the Left is slowly snatching the opposition by removing the BJP again. And just as the inability of the leadership to emerge behind the BJP’s failure, so does the rift within the party. In this situation, a small tweet from Locket Chatterjee, a BJP MP from Hooghly, created a new twist.

The results of 108 municipalities of the state were released on Wednesday. Far from occupying any municipality, the BJP has lagged behind the Left in terms of vote share. While the BJP state leadership is still alleging vote-rigging, a large section of the political establishment is not in doubt about the party’s failure. In this situation, BJP’s state general secretary and MP Locket Chatterjee tweeted the word ‘self-examination’. Many are saying that the allegations made by a large section of the state BJP against the present leadership are an indication of Lockett’s tweet. However, the tweet did not mention any issues.

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Rumors about Locket Chatterjee have not abated since the Assembly vote. A few days ago, BJP MP and Union Minister of State Shantanu Tagore also met Locket Chatterjee. Shantanu is now a rebel leader in the state BJP. Jayaprakash Majumder and Ritesh Tiwari are now out of the party due to rebellion. They also lashed out at the current state leadership over yesterday’s results. Lockett’s tweet seems to be quite significant in this situation.

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However, BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh thinks the BJP still has the power to come back. Did the BJP go to the cold storage in Bengal? Answering this question, Dilip Ghosh replied, “You will see when the election comes. The way 70 people have been killed after the election, framed in fake cases, the workers are all scared. Fifty percent of the workers did not go to the polls. Naturally, if you come out again, you will be beaten, you will be framed in a false case, that’s why you didn’t come out. The next time you go out, the party will be active again. “

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