#Kolkata: The BJP dreamed of occupying Bengal in the last assembly elections. The slogan on behalf of the Gerua camp was, ‘Is bar, dosho par’. That dream though did not see the light of day. Even if not, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s BJP emerged as the only and only opposition party in Bengal. The Left and the Congress lost the West Bengal Assembly. But now there are multiple allegations of factionalism within the opposition BJP. And the state leadership is not excluded from that internal conflict. The ‘distance’ of the state leadership with Locket Chatterjee, a BJP MP from Hooghly, has also come to the fore more than once. However, this time the BJP is desperate to paint a picture of unity by removing ‘party quarrels’ in the state ahead of Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit at the behest of Delhi’s top leadership. Today, Gerua Shibir wants to convey that message by involving BJP state president Sukant Majumder, the party’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh on the one hand and ‘outraged’ MP Locket Chatterjee on the other.

However, initially the state BJP had planned to hold the procession with Sukant Majumder, Dilip Ghosh and Shuvendu Adhikari in mind. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari, however, told the organizers that he could not attend today’s procession due to a leg injury. As a result, discomfort with Shuvendu remained within the BJP. Locket Chatterjee was included in the procession on the instructions of Delhi.

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Recently, Lockett was not even called for a meeting on Amit Shah’s program in the two Bengals, starting with the general assembly in Kolkata. In response to a question about this, Sukant said, “There is no need to call everyone in all the meetings.” Sukant also declined to comment on the issue of Locket. The central leadership informed the state.

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah is coming to Bengal early next month. It is known that this is his visit to Bengal after attending several government functions. During the visit, Amit Shah may also hold emergency meetings with BJP leaders in Bengal. At this moment, the BJP is plagued by rebellion! An atmosphere of disbelief is practically everywhere. In such a situation, Amit Shah can sit in a meeting with the Padman leaders of the state. It is believed that Shah can also listen to the MLAs. Shah can find out from the BJP leaders in Bengal where the problem is and why there is so much controversy. In this situation, there has been a stir in the BJP about the locket.

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