#Kolkata: The BJP dreamed of occupying Bengal in the last assembly elections. The slogan on behalf of the Gerua camp was, ‘Is bar, dosho par’. That dream though did not see the light of day. Even if not, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s BJP emerged as the only and only opposition party in Bengal. The Left and the Congress lost the West Bengal Assembly. So the fight was supposed to be between the ruling Trinamool and the opposition BJP. But the Left is slowly snatching the opposition by removing the BJP again. And just as the inability of the leadership to emerge behind the BJP’s failure, so does the rift within the party. In this situation, a small tweet of Locket Chatterjee, a BJP MP from Hooghly, has created a new twist. And this time he opened his mouth directly due to the debate.

What did Lockett say? Like the Hughli MPs, the party has to admit its mistakes this time. In his words, “liability cannot be overcome. Terrorism or whatever, the verdict has to be taken to get the head. We have to admit our mistakes and go to the people. ‘

Leaders like Jayaprakash Majumder and Ritesh Tiwari are now being suspended due to the factionalism. In that context too, Locket Chatterjee said, “Everyone has to move on. Ritesh belongs to BJP. You have to listen to them. I will say whatever I have to say in the team about returning the inactive. “

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However, BJP state president Sukant Majumder said, “The winners will be welcomed at the state organizing meeting tomorrow.” Meeting at the National Library. Joy Prakash Majumder, Ritesh Tiwari are not being called for tomorrow’s meeting. Their suspension has not yet been lifted. “

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The results of 108 municipalities of the state were released on Wednesday. Far from occupying any municipality, the BJP has lagged behind the Left in terms of vote share. Although the BJP state leadership has accused the vote of terrorism, a large section of the political establishment is not skeptical of the party’s failure. The same tune on the neck of the locket. Locket Chatterjee, the BJP’s state general secretary and MP, tweeted the word ‘introspection’ after the preliminary results were released. Many are saying that the allegations made by a large section of the state BJP against the present leadership are an indication of Lockett’s tweet. However, the tweet did not mention any issues. However, on this day, he spoke, the political circles think that it is against the opinion of the party.

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