#Kolkata: Sinking in the polls. Locket Chatterjee, an MP from Hooghly, exploded at his next meeting. In front of the party leaders, he clearly said, ‘Terrorism is not just terrorism, it is necessary to admit weakness. Quotas are important, not qualifications in the committee. It is not right to remove the old ones completely. How the CPM has become the second party needs to be reviewed. ‘ This comment of Locket has stirred up within the party. And what he did on Monday, the speculation increased several times.

What did the locket do? Locket sat down for a meeting with Jayaprakash Majumder, Sayantan Basu, who is now known to be outraged in the state BJP. However, no one wanted to open his mouth about the reason for this meeting. However, on hearing of the meeting, BJP state president Sukant Majumder said, “The BJP is the only party where discipline has to be maintained. There is no point in talking about the inside of the team. It has to be said within the team. “

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Incidentally, the BJP dreamed of occupying Bengal in the last assembly elections. At that time the Gerua camp raised the slogan, ‘Is bar, dosho par’. Although that dream did not see the light of day. Although not in power, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s BJP emerged as the only and only opposition party in Bengal. Even the Left and the Congress lost the West Bengal Assembly. So the fight was supposed to be between the ruling Trinamool and the opposition BJP. But the BJP has practically flown away in the polls. And again the Left is snatching the opposition by removing the BJP.

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Behind this failure of the Gerua camp is the inability of the leadership to emerge, as well as the rift within the party. In this situation, Locket Chatterjee, a BJP MP from Hooghly, wrote the word ‘introspection’ in a short tweet shortly after the pre-poll results. He then opened his mouth against the party in the media. Lockett was also in that mood at the team’s thinking meeting. Dilip Ghosh and Sukant Majumdar called him a ‘counter attack’. In this situation, the meeting of Locket with Jayaprakash Majumder and Sayantan Basu has caused a stir in the Gerua camp.

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