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Lots of stolen foreign cigarettes were recovered from Ganguly Garden in South Kolkata Illegal foreign cigarettes recover in Kolkata – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Foreign cigarettes are being sold rampant in the city, with tax evasion. The police caught the illegal foreign cigarette dealer in handcuffs. Most of the shops in the city sell cigarettes of various foreign brands. The Enforcement Branch had news for a long time. All those cigarettes are coming to our country duty free and are being sold in the open market. Detectives from the enforcement branch recovered 50-60 cartons of cigarettes from Ganguly Bagan in South Kolkata. Whose estimated market value is more than one lakh rupees.

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Several cartoons of foreign cigarettes were recovered by raiding ‘Baba Taraknath Cigarette Shop’. The owner of the shop Manik Roy was interrogated and several cartoon cigarettes were recovered from another shop nearby. The owner of the shop Sujit Saha was also arrested. Later, two more were arrested and taken to Netaji Nagar police station by the officers of Enforcement Branch. According to police sources, all these foreign cigarettes are bought by traders at very low prices. The wholesalers buy these cigarettes at a much lower price than the possibility of importing these cigarettes from abroad or smuggling them. After interrogating the two businessmen, the detectives got some information.

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The Enforcement Branch of Kolkata Police is going to expose a large number of cigarettes of foreign brands very soon. Earlier, all these cigarettes were mainly supplied from Raja Katra area of ​​Barabazar. It has spread to the suburbs and various parts of the city. What kind of tobacco is used in these cigarettes? The police are confused about that. Investigators claim that if they do not reach the beginning of the cigarette cycle, it is not possible to know where and how these cigarettes are coming to the market. The amount of drugs in it can be understood only after laboratory tests.

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