Lots of tension, now I want peace

#Kolkata: Pre-vote met. Now it is Christmas and New Year’s holiday. And like every year, this time also Christmas Festival has been organized. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was present there on Monday. The festival begins with his presence. Thanking everyone, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave a message of unity. Besides, he also sang songs. At the beginning of the song, Indranil told Sen, “Let there be no mistake in the song.”

Introducing the festival, he said, “Every year we hold this event. This time the event will be held in different commissionerate areas and districts. There is a lot of tension now. There is a lot of political pollution in the country now. So laughter is needed. Peace is needed. ” There are also problems with the covid situation. Christmas has been canceled in many countries because of Corona. Europe-America has seen an increase in infections. That is why Mamata said to be careful in the face of the festival. He said, “Now we have to be careful of Omicron. Several people have come from outside. I will tell them to keep themselves isolated. Do not associate with family. Read the mask.”

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How will the Chief Minister participate in the Christmas celebrations this year? He said, “I will be in Prayer on the 24th as usual. From Vatican to Goa, from Goa to Kolkata I wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I went to church in Goa too. We have to be together. I will stay with you. Unity must be maintained. No division. ” The Chief Minister praised the work of the police from the platform on Monday. The police have the skills to handle the festival, he said.

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On Monday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee sang along with Minister Indranil Sen. On this day, the Chief Minister asked Indranil Sen to sing two songs. At the same time, he told Indranil that there should be no mistake in the song. Then Indranil Sen sang ‘Bishwapita Tumi O Prabhu’, the Chief Minister sang the same song while sitting on the stage. At the end of the song, the Chief Minister said, “Indranil, you did not fix the tune.” Listening to the Chief Minister’s words, Indranil said, “It is very difficult to sing. If you make a mistake, you will catch Didi.” After that Indranil sang the song ‘Mangaldwip Jbale’.

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