Luizinho Faleiro in TMC | Why he is a grassroots, the former Chief Minister of Goa detonated the bomb by joining

#Kolkata: Former Goa Chief Minister Luisinho Falerio has joined the grassroots. At the end of the formal joining episode, Falerio explained in measured words why he made this decision (Luizinho Faleiro in TMC). Falerio’s bird’s eye view of overthrowing the BJP. On the other hand, he also thinks of the grassroots as an extended part or legacy of the Congress.

On that day, Falerio (Luizinho Faleiro in TMC) first met Mamata Banerjee in Navanne. Abhishek Banerjee was also present there. Mamata Banerjee herself tweeted about Falerio joining.

After joining the Khudiram Anushilan Samiti (Luizinho Faleiro in TMC), Falerio said, “I met Mamata Banerjee today. I joined the National Trinamool Congress. I resigned two days ago. Yes I resigned from the Congress family, in fact I came to the larger Congress family, to the TMC. The main goal of my joining is to remove the BJP In all cases, they have ruined the culture.

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Describing the current situation in Goa, Falerio said that Goa has lagged behind economically. 75% of the population is downstairs. Because there are no resources. Goa is in a very bad place economically. Goa is lagging behind now.

Falerio’s joining is not an extension of the grassroots to a completely different pole of the grassroots. Political circles know that Falerio was given the responsibility by the Congress in North East India. Naturally, this experience is expected to be useful to the Trinamool Congress. Falerio himself brought up the issue. Said, I was in charge of North East India. Karnataka I fought. I started my journey today with Mamata Banerjee.

Loyalty to Mamata was the only way to show genuine love. In Falerio’s words, all of you said Didi, she is my sister. I told my sister to come to Goa. To protect us. He is a street fighter. We need such a fighting, trustworthy person. Didi’s indomitable courage.

At the same time, Falerio explained that he could play a role in bridging the alliance. He said it was time to bring all the Congress parties together. And Mamata Banerjee will lead that grand alliance.

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