Calcutta : Tragedy struck again at one of the city’s busiest flyovers, the ‘Mother’ flyover. The old man jumped to his death by suddenly stopping the scooter. At around 9 pm on Wednesday, the man suddenly got on the flyover and stopped the scooter. The old man left the scooter standing and then jumped towards Parama Island from the flyover.

Upon receiving the news, the police rushed to the spot. The on-duty traffic police were practically stunned by the loud noise. The on-duty traffic police rushed to the front of the five-star hotel near the bypass and saw the body of a man lying in a bloody state. The person’s name is known as Ashok Ghosh. He is a resident of Chetla.

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According to family sources, the father woke up the girl before leaving the house and told her that he was going to see a doctor. He came out with his daughter’s scooter. News of the tragic death came home a couple of hours later. The whole family, including the girl, was stunned by the suddenness of the incident. No one understands why the father chose such a path!

According to the Kolkata Police, Ashok Babu, a resident of Parimohan Roy Road, Chetla, 79, parked his scooter at around 8 pm and jumped over the flyover towards Parama Island. He was rescued and taken to the National Medical College Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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His family was surprised by the old man’s move. They said that the marriage of Ashok Babu’s daughter has been fixed next year. He came to Purulia a few days ago and finalized his daughter’s marriage. Their family also has a wedding ceremony. Girl shocked by the news. He was rushed to the hospital at night. Broke down in tears. Sukanya said her father was supposed to go to see a doctor in Baliganj. His mother was preparing to go to a family wedding. They can’t find any reason for such an accident in him.

Meanwhile, the administration is contemplating one death after another on one of the city’s busiest flyovers. The question is about security. From time to time, the path of suicide is being chosen in the same way with this mother flyover. Will the police choose another way to prevent suicide? Will security be tightened? However, according to psychologists, it is never possible to say who will commit suicide. But it is also important to get them out of this predicament.

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