Maa Flyover: Horrible thing on Maa Flyover! Bike-shoes on the bridge and the body of the person below!

#Kolkata: A few days ago, in the advertisement of the Uttar Pradesh government, there was a heated controversy surrounding the picture of Maa Flyover. On a holiday, that horrible incident happened on Sunday at seven o’clock in the morning. One person committed suicide by jumping from the mother flyover. The man’s bike and shoes were on the bridge. The incident has caused a stir. Naturally, the police (Kolkata Police) was worried about the safety of the mother flyover.

According to police sources, the man’s name is Pranab Kundu. He is 58 years old. Pranab Babu is said to be a resident of Sribhumi area of ​​Laketown. This morning he rode his bike from the Park Circus to the top of the Maa Flyover. He then parked his bike on the bridge near Parma Island near Science City. And from there he jumped down. The news reached Pragati Maidan police station immediately after the incident.

When the police came, they saw Pranab Babu’s bike, helmet and shoes on the bridge. And his frozen body fell under the bridge. However, Pranab Babu was rushed to NRS Hospital. But the doctors declared him dead there. After contacting his family, the police came to know that Pranab Babu was involved in the promoting business. The business has been in recession lately. That is why he was suffering from depression. But no one in the family knew the consequences.

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According to police, Pranab Babu’s bike number was WB08M5265. His son Pritam Mandal said, ‘Dad was a real estate agent. My father’s business was not going well for several months. He was also suffering from depression. But I never thought this would happen. ‘

Incidentally, there have been reports of one bike accident after another at the Maa Flyover. But this time the killing happened from that flyover on Sunday morning. According to police sources, the incident is still considered as suicide.

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