#Kolkata: Terrible accident at the mother flyover again. The young man died after falling from the flyover. Another youth was seriously injured. He is currently undergoing treatment at SSKM Hospital. Note that the mother flyover has been closed for several days from 10 pm for repairs. As a result, questions are being raised about how bikes or cars got on the flyover at that time.

Although the police claimed that both the driver and the rider of the bike were under the influence of alcohol. That is why it is presumed to be an accident. The flyover is being blocked with barricades. As a result, police personnel are also in charge of security at night. At that time, the police were also confused about how the youths got on the flyover.

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It is learned that two young men were riding their bikes. Suddenly the mother fell from the top of the flyover and fell down. The other fell on the bridge. The accident happened around 3 pm. According to police sources, two youths were riding their bikes towards PTS along the flyover. The accident happened when the mother was taking a turn from the flyover to the AJC Bose flyover. Unable to cope with the shock, a young man suddenly fell off his bike and fell down. The other fell on the bridge.

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This is not the first time, however, that several people have died after falling from the flyover repeatedly. This time the addition to that list is the incident of last night.

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