#Kolkata: After the poem, this time the song 6 That is why conflicting political battles are going on through social media. The BJP is attacking the ruling party over several recent incidents in the state. BJP leader Rudranil Ghosh recited the poem. Madan Mitra-Debangshu Bhattacharya replied to him. That was the answer in the poetry lesson. Rudranil had earlier recited a poem about avoiding CBI summons in Anubrat Mandal. The BJP leader also opened his mouth in protest of the Chief Minister’s statement in the Hanskhali case. He is reciting poems one after another on social media. Madan Mitra responded to Rudranil’s poems one by one. This time Madan Mitra, Trinamool MLA of Kamarhati sang.

He also mocked Rudranil as ‘Blue Mountain’. Madan Mitra is a colorful character in the field of politics. His MM identity is now famous. Everything from her dress to the rap is viral. This time Madan Mitra walked on the road of that song to answer the opposition. Madan Mitra made Facebook live. He sang a song there. In every line of the song, the Trinamool MLA of Kamarhati mocked BJP leader Rudranil Ghosh. Rudranil has been ridiculed as ‘Blue Mountain’.

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According to the song, “The blue chameleon is calling again and again. In the dark the chameleon is calling again. Aha. Pick something / It’s been a long time in the politics of cheating / It’s been a long time in Kutur / Get on the road now, do the work of fellow human beings / Hold the mirror in your hand and hold it in your mouth / You have given oil for a while, You have given gas / It will sink / the sun will not sink then, it will sink in the east / you are earning a lot by showing your face on facebook / whatever you say, get over it, you know no one will pay the case This song has already gone viral.

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