Madan Mitra: Before becoming a MLA or a former minister, Madan Mitra is now a romantic artist!

#Kolkata: Netizens were shocked to see the video of MM’s new song before Pujo. The only words that people uttered when they saw Madan Mitra in a pair of sunglasses and glittering clothes were “Oh Lovely”. MM himself, however, said, “I’m not powerful. I’m colorful now.” Before and after the name of that Madan Mitra, MLA, leader, two more words are circulating more than the word, “romantic artist”. Happy with the new identity of MLA Madan Mitra, the artist himself says, “Oh lovely”.

Not as a leader or MLA, but as a romantic artist, Madan Mitra was overwhelmed by the invitation. This is the first time a popular leader has been invited as an artist to an event. Madan Mitra has been invited as an artist in multiple shows from Nadia’s Rasmela, Howrah and Hooghly. The letter came in the name of artist Madan Mitra in the assembly.

A few days ago, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said about Kamahati Trinamool MLA Madan Mitra, Oto is a colorful boy. Madan Mitra has always been differently popular in the field of politics. Netizens overwhelmed by his outfit, spectacle collection. His recent songs ‘Oh Lovely’ and ‘India Wants On Betia’ have taken social media by storm.

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Besides, according to Madan Mitra’s statement on Facebook Live, the number of his fans has also started to increase due to the song. This time, the Trinamool MLA is very happy to be honored as a romantic artist. Madan Mitra said, ‘I don’t know how successful I have been in politics for a long time. But I am overwhelmed that people have found the artist in me. I don’t know if he is successful in politics but as an artist this honor has given me joy. ‘

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Kamarhati MLA Madan Mitra has been invited to the Ras festival by Purnima Milni Club of Shantipur. Minister-MLA as well as artist Madan Mitra has been invited as the chief guest in the invitation letter of Nadia’s biggest Ras festival. The envelope is addressed to Madan Mitra, a legislator and romantic artist. He is showing this letter to everyone by seeing this romantic artist’s badge next to his name.

Madan Mitra said that he has been called as an artist not only from Nadia but also from Howrah and Hooghly. Madan Mitra made a noise by making Oh Lovely song. Kella Fateh in one song. Madan Mitra is a very happy person. He has always been in the news headlines. His popularity is no less than that of any other celebrity. Recently, the MLA of Kamarhati walked on the ramp of a fashion show and set up a shelf. This time he also wants to win the heart as a romantic artist.

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