Madan Mitra: ‘Look how it feels’! Madan Mitra in celebration mood after a huge victory in the polls

#Kolkata: Voting for the Kolkata city elections took place on Sunday. KMC Election Result 2021 Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has congratulated the common man for winning the grassroots in the by-elections. Speaking to reporters at Kalighat, he said, “Thank you mother-land-people for supporting us. The more people support us, the more we will bow our heads. ‘ (KMC Election Result 2021) Madan Mitra in the mood of celebration of huge victory after the message of the leader. Says, ‘Look how it feels! Which the CPM sees income. The income is what the BJP sees. See how it feels! ‘ (Madan Mitra)

The Trinamool Congress has won the Kolkata municipality with over 72% of the votes. This is how Madan Mitra conveyed the message after his landslide victory in the by-elections. After wearing black glass sunglasses and black Punjabi pajamas, the MLA of Kamarhati got drunk at the celebration. Kolkata is busy with green storms. Then why is Madan Mitra wearing black? His clear answer was, “BJP-CPM has no one to take to the streets to mourn. So I went out in black to mourn.”

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On this day, Madan Mitra made a sweet face at his house in Bhabanipur with his grandson. Madan Babu did not stop making political jokes even though he was sweet. In their words, “they are on Twitter. Where are their people? And what happened today is not here, the real culprits are those central leaders. Nadda has actually put their party in the car. Will this victory benefit the grassroots in the national political context in the coming days? According to Madan Mitra, BJP will not be able to touch double digits in the Lok Sabha.

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On this day, however, he says, “They will read the double digits, first go to the people’s cottage. Let them enter the people’s house. Then they will not get votes.” Madan Mitra has kept track of Bhabanipur even though he is busy with more than one task. The next day, his suggestion was, “Shuvendu, stay in the tweet like the governor.” Even the opposition did not let the Trinamool Shibir mock this victory. Madan Mitra threw away that sarcasm. “It simply came to our notice then.

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