#Kolkata: Trinamool leaders have started writing on the wall in support of Mamata Banerjee. After Minister Firhad Hakim on Saturday, this time Madan Mitra, MLA of Kamarhati and a resident of Bhabanipur. The ruling Trinamool Congress has started campaigning in Bhawanipore without announcing the by-poll day. This center in South Kolkata is now in full swing with the slogan ‘The girl of the house is now Bhabanipur’, ‘Bhabanipur wants the girl of the house’. Madan Mitra also went down on Sunday morning to write on the wall on behalf of ‘Didi’. But then what happened …

While Madan Mitra was writing on the wall on DL Khan Road under Bhabanipur Center, the Chief Minister and Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee was following the same path. Seeing Madan Mitra writing on the wall, ‘Didi’ stopped the car. He inquired about the leaders and workers of the party including Madan. He also forbade to work in the sun. After Mamta left, Madan said, ‘Didi told us, don’t sleep so much in the heat, take a rest. In fact, not today, whenever he went through Bhabanipur, he stopped the car and talked to everyone. Mamata is the pride of India. Dugga-dugga, Lakshmi is coming home. ‘ The MLA of Kamarhati then sang in a drunken manner.

Trinamool activists started campaigning at various places in the Bhabanipur assembly constituency from noon onwards after the Election Commission announced the polls on Saturday. Somewhere posters, somewhere hoardings are put up again The writing on the wall also started The walls of Bhabanipur have started to be filled with slogans like ‘Development in every house, house girl in Bhabanipur or Bhabanipur wants her own daughter’. The ruling Trinamool has started campaigning for Mamata Banerjee by portraying her as the daughter of a house in Bhabanipur.

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Trinamool leaders are undoubtedly convinced of Mamata Banerjee’s victory in the by-elections in Bhabanipur. However, since there are some restrictions on the September 30 polls and campaigning, the Trinamool wants to reach out to the people of Bhabanipur through graffiti, banners and hoardings rather than door-to-door campaigning or meetings. Trinamool leaders and activists do not want to make any mistake in trying to ensure the victory of the party leader.

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