Madan Mitra sings Rabindra Sangeet on the instructions of Chief Minister

#Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asked Madan Mitra to pay attention to Rabindra Sangeet. Hearing Didi’s instruction, the MLA of Kamarhati turned his attention to Rabindra Sangeet. Sings Rabindra Sangeet (Madan Mitra sings Rabindra Sangeet). He sang in his own throat. Madan also told the administrative meeting on Wednesday that he is now focused on Rabindra Sangeet.

Apart from politics, Madan Mitra is ‘colorful’ in playing music. Even in the field of politics, he has been seen making fun of his opponents by singing songs. Even before Pujo, Madan was seen in a music video holding hands with the BJP. And for this Mamata Banerjee herself called him ‘Colorful Boy’. But recently Mamata Banerjee instructed Madan, “Madan will only sing Rabindra Sangeet.” The Trinamool MLA has started following that instruction word for word. And this time he (Madan Mitra sings Rabindra Sangeet) sang Rabindra Sangeet like that.

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After singing, Madan Mitra told News18Bangla, “The one who taught me to sing is Mamata Banerjee. He never sang by himself. He would multiply the scale. You’re mixing water. Eat the lyric. She’s memorizing every letter. “

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As soon as the issue of Madan Mitra came up in the administrative meeting on Wednesday, the Chief Minister asked in a light mood whether Madan Mitra was singing anything other than Rabindra Sangeet. He even gave clear instructions that from now on Madan will sing Rabindra Sangeet. And Madan made that headline. He also told the meeting that he was following the instructions of the Chief Minister. He said that nowadays he is only with Rabindra Sangeet (Madan Mitra sings Rabindra Sangeet).

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