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Madan Mitra to hit big screen with his own biopic – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Madan Mitra’s biopic is 7 Not one, but two together That is the craze of the grassroots MLA of Kamarhati The news of Madan Mitra’s double biopic was known some time ago This time Madan himself said, he will enter the biopic himself with five hundred bikes Viewers will see that scene on the big screen (Madan Mitra to act in his biopic)!

One of the two biopics about Madan Mitra (Madan Mitra Biopic) is being directed by Rajarshi Dey. Photo shooting will start next year It is rumored that Shaswat Chatterjee will play the role of Madan Mitra in this film. Eternal or someone else, no matter who plays him, Madan will be seen on the big screen in the biopic for a short time. The Kamarhati MLA has hinted that he will make a heroic ‘entry’ in the biopic (Madan Mitra to act in his biopic).

In his words, ‘the hero will enter with five hundred bullets Parda- Torda will tear and enter The hero will take entry from me If not, what will happen? ‘

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However, it is heard that even if an actor is found in the role of the protagonist, there is no suitable one for Madan’s biopic or in the role of the heroine. The answer, of course, is Madan 6 In the melody of the song, he said, ‘The heroine has to stay ৷ Maybe someday my heroine will be seen Sometimes there is Kali in Kalighat, they are in Tarapith Bhavatarini in Dakshineswar, Adya Maa in Adyapith ‘

Madan claims that the biopic will show the black side inside him That’s why the screenplay of the biopic reminds him more Madan himself says that he is full of guilt Sometimes he says, ‘MM is a Kalaful Boy!’

Incidentally, a few days ago, while campaigning for the by-elections in Bhabanipur, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had called Madan Mitra a colorful boy. Raising the issue, Madan said, ‘My color is a little clear Mamata Banerjee has said that she will not wear ugly clothes in front of people, she will wear dhoti Punjabi. Followers are now waiting to see how the director portrays Madan Mitra in a biopic full of color and juice.

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