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#Kolkata: When will the secondary examination be in 2023? The board is likely to announce the examination schedule on the day of publication of secondary results on Friday.

The Board of Secondary Education has already sent the schedule of next year’s examinations to the School Education Department for approval. According to the board, if the schedule is approved, it may be announced in the press conference tomorrow. In that case, the board wants to start next year’s secondary examination from the last week of February.

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The Board of Secondary Education wants to bring the examination time limit a little ahead as compared to 2022. However, Board President Kalyanmoy Gangopadhyay did not want to comment on the matter.

Prior to the Corona situation, secondary examinations began in the middle or fourth week of February. Although the examination will be held from the second week of March this year, the board wants to bring it back to that deadline next year.

Board President Kalyanmoy Gangopadhyay will officially announce the results of this year’s secondary examination on Friday at 9 am. In that case, besides publishing the results, we will also keep an eye on the schedule of next year’s secondary examination.

The board has already confirmed that the secondary examination will be held on top of the full syllabus next year. Not only that, the detailed academic calendar has already been given by the Board of Secondary Education.

This year more than 11 lakh 26 thousand candidates applied for the secondary examination. According to board sources, about 11 lakh candidates have appeared for the secondary examination this time.

However, it will be clear when the results are released on Friday. However, several schools in the district claimed during the examination that many students applied for the examination but did not come for the examination. In that case, the number of examinees may be less than the application, said the board sources.

Besides announcing the results on Friday, the board will announce the merit list up to the first 10th place. In that case, special attention will be paid to which district will be able to take place in the most merit list this time. Each time the results of the districts are significantly better than in Kolkata.

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This time too, the council will be looking at whether the districts are heavy or not. Students will be able to know the results through the website from 10 am onwards. On the same day, the examinees will be able to collect certificates and marksheets from the schools.

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