#Kolkata: Work on the Majherhat Metro project has been suspended for a long time due to the Majherhat Bridge disaster. Later, the new Majherhat bridge was built and the traffic started (Kolkata News). Although work was done on the rest of the metro line from Joka to Majherhat, the work on Majherhat was halted. The construction work of Majherhat station has finally gained momentum. So the girder sat on the railway line of Sealdah-Bajwaj branch.

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Metro builder RVNL said it had already installed three girders and six cross girders. For this, of course, 140 ton crane has been used. For the time being, the roundabout will be closed till April 14 (Kolkata News). The Majherhat station of the Joka-disputed Bagh Metro is being built on the railway line of the Sealdah branch parallel to the present Majherhat bridge. The Majherhat metro station is at right angles to the platform above the Majherhat Metro Work station of the Sealdah-Bajwaj branch of the Chakrarail and Eastern Railway. That is why Majherhat station is partially closed from last Thursday.

Concrete pillars for the construction of a three-storey metro station above the railway line were already laid (Kolkata News). Those pillars were on the side of the railway line near the eastern edge of the platform of Majherhat station. It was supposed to be a metro station with steel girders on top of the pillars. They were installed (Majherhat Metro Work). During the reconstruction phase of the broken Majherhat bridge, the work of this station came to a halt due to various problems. It has not been built for almost two years.

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Platform number four of Majherhat station of Chakrarail will be closed till April 14 (Kolkata News). According to the Railways, it is possible to work by keeping the platform closed as the number of passengers is very low. According to Eastern Railway, the movement of wheel rail will be controlled at that time. The circular train reaching Majherhat station is being stopped earlier. According to railway sources, the Champahati-Majherhat local will end its journey at Baliganj station and will return from there. In the same way Majherhat-Hasnabad local will also run from Baliganj. The train will be diverted to Dumdum with an up cord line.

Sealdah-B or The Bagh and Baliganj-Barrackpore local routes are also being changed (Majherhat Metro Work). Once this section is completed, the next step will be to lift the girder over the Sealdah-Bajwaj branch railway line. However, even though platform number four of Majherhat has been closed for a few days now, train movement is not being disrupted at Sealdah-Bajwaj branch.

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