#Kolkata: There is no sign of stopping the ‘rebellion’ of the protesters after the announcement of district committees. All the districts from North Bengal to South Bengal have made it to the list. Today, North Kolkata is added to the list of those rebels. North Kolkata BJP leader, former councilor Sunita Jhawar has announced in a letter that she will resign from the post of district co-president. District President Kalyan Chaubey has admitted to receiving Jhawar’s letter.

Though there has been no shift in the state, the BJP’s turmoil continues due to the shift in the organization. The controversy is still raging in at least 21 districts. The BJP has officially accepted the issues of Jalpaiguri in North Bengal, Alipurduar, Bankura in Jharkhand, Jhargram and Bangaon in South Bengal and riots in North Kolkata. However, privately this number is much higher. Part of the BJP claims that noise is also going on in Murshidabad, Birbhum, Bishnupur, Bolpur, East Burdwan, West Midnapore, Kanthi, Tamluk, Kalyani, Ranaghat, Basirhat, Howrah Grameen, Baruipur, Mathurapur and Diamond Harbor districts. After the announcement of the district committee, if the division committee is announced this time, there is a fear that this disturbance will take a bigger shape in every organizational district.

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However, the ruling party is reluctant to take such a stand. State spokesperson Shamik Bhattacharya claimed, “The protests of the political activists over the non-availability of seats in the committee prove that the BJP is still relevant and one of the leading forces in the anti-state political arena.” When there is a change in the organization of the party, there are some protests, but it is temporary. However, whatever the leadership of the ruling state BJP says, they are also uneasy about the party’s quarrel. Today the mercury of this uneasiness has risen a little further in the three corners of the state.

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A minority leader from Alipurduar has targeted the BJP, saying that the district BJP did not get a single Muslim face for the minority front in the district! From this it is clear how much the minority Muslims are neglected in the BJP. In Jhargram, the protesters locked the party office due to a dispute over the committee. Meanwhile, Sunita Jhawar, a five-time councilor of the party, resigned from the post of co-chairman of the North Kolkata District Committee and sent a letter to the district president. Ritesh Tewari, outraged by this, wrote in his tweet that it is clear that the original BJP has no place in the present BJP. According to political observers, the battle between the original BJP and the new BJP, which has been raging in the state since 19, has resurfaced after the catastrophe of the 21st. In this situation, the central leadership is busy with the votes of 5 states including Uttar Pradesh and is not getting a chance to look at Bengal. As a result, the BJP is losing strength in the state every day. If this situation continues, the BJP’s split in the state could escalate.


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