The world is suffering from a severe psychological crisis, due to negative elements, sorrow and sufferings around us. This is aggravated by the ongoing COVID pandemic. 

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), WB is organizing an online Lecture Series “Sorrow-Depression-Joy”: Season 2, based on what the sages of ancient India and other eminent personalities have told about overcoming this problem. They were truth realizers and this problem was foreseen by them. That is why they set the goal of life as complete removal of miseries, hence achieving bliss. The eminent speaker in the 2nd lecture of season 2 of this ongoing series on the 17th September 2021 was B. K. Khusboo, Rajyoga Teacher, Brahma Kumaris, Shyamnagar.

The Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of MAKAUT, Prof. (Dr.) Saikat Maitra was very delighted to deliberate the inaugural speech in the second session of this lecture series. He said that, “After the pandemic we started this series this to keep up the learning enthusiasm of our students. However, it is targeted for a larger section of the society. I thank Dr. Dhammapiya for his kind consent to share his wisdom on spirituality to overcome sorrow and depression. His speech will be of immense benefit to the participants. 

Sister Khusboo thanked the MAKAUT team for organizing lectures on such an important topic.

Corona has led to a 20% increase in depression among humans. How is corona affecting mental health? Criticism affects our metal health very badly.

First we must understand ourselves.  Criticism is related to our soul. Soul feels every emotion. Just like our mobile needs charge so does our soul. 

The person being criticized is in pain. But the person who is criticizing is depleting his own energy. He gets engulfed in negative energy. The person criticizing may be more powerful and wise. They may think that through this criticism the wrongs may be corrected. However, negative energy is incapable of correcting anything. Instead of criticizing one may advise with positivity. You must not be out of control and criticize people. This is an indication of weakness. The person who is internally powerful will elevate others and correct others with positivity and not deplete other’s energy. 

First be your own friend. Make your mind your own best friend. To do that talk with yourself. Meditation will teach you to love your own self. Then only you can be a powerful soul.

The session concluded with Ms. Sayantani Saha, Assistant Professor, MAKAUT offering the vote of thanks on behalf of the University.–


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