#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee won a landslide victory in Bhabanipur. The Trinamool leader broke all records and won with 5635 votes. Afterwards, facing the media from her Kalighat residence, Mamata Banerjee said, ‘Thank you all. I would like to thank all the mothers and brothers and sisters in Bhabanipur, all my colleagues, people all over India and all over Bengal. Bhabanipur has less voters. About one lakh 15 thousand votes were cast. The trend in Bhabanipur is to have less votes. This time I have won by 5735 votes. This time the people of Bhabanipur are overwhelmed by the way they have come to vote. This time we did not lose in any ward. It’s a record. ‘

From the very beginning of the Bhabanipur by-election, the Trinamool had promoted it as the beginning of India’s victory. After the huge victory on that day, that thought was reflected in the throat of the Trinamool leader. He said, ‘44% of the votes in Bhabanipur are non-Bengali. People of all languages ​​are here. Everyone voted in peace. My mind was full, the people of Bhabanipur showed, the whole of Bengal was watching. Bengal was hit by the result of Nandigram. There was a lot of conspiracy. The people of Bhabanipur have seized all the conspiracies. I will do more work anew. We are forever indebted. We will all remember them. ‘

However, he did not show the victory sign that day. Apart from Bhabanipur, he also mentioned the results of the Jangipur-Samsherganj polls, saying, “I will not show V, I will show three. I fought for three seats. We are winning all three seats. Bengal will show the way to India.

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Incidentally, after the demarcation of the border, voting took place again in Bhabanipur in 2011. Trinamool candidate Subrata Bokshi was the first to win from Bhabanipur constituency when he came to power in the Trinamool state after 34 years of left rule. Although Mamata Banerjee was the Chief Minister at that time, she had to contest the by-election from Bhabanipur in 2021 as it did this time. Because then he was an MP As a result, after the resignation of Subrata Boxi, Mamata won from Bhabanipur Then this time Bhabanipur walked on the path of that by-election. And that is why Mamata Banerjee won by a record margin.

In this year’s Bhabanipur by-election, Mamata Banerjee got a total of 74,609 votes, while BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal got 26,320 votes. CPIM candidate Sreejib Biswas got 4201 votes.

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