#Kolkata: The Trinamool came to power on May 2 last year with a huge majority. On his birthday, Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh attacked the opposition with harsh language. The sharp criticism of the BJP was heard in the throat of the Trinamool state general secretary. However, the Trinamool leader’s tweet is just a message of thanks to mother-earth-people. He wrote, “On this day last year, the people of Bengal showed their indomitable courage against the arrogance of the rulers of the country. That is why I am grateful to them. Mother-earth-man that day showed the whole world that there is no greater power in democracy than the power of man. We have to continue our efforts to build a real nation, because we have to fight and win many battles. “

This is not the end, Trinamool leader added, “I dedicate this day to mother-land-people and my call to all, from today this day should be called ‘Mother-land-man day’. Joy Hind, Joy Bangla. “

On the other hand, Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said, “One, remember, the daily passengers of the BJP top leaders, all the nail-biting attacks, the twelve-year-old arrogance of the four-year-old BJP workers, the victory over the barbarism.” Two, remember, the CPM won by dropping the Congress to zero. Three, remember, the victory over the treachery and excitement of some opportunists leaving the grassroots. “

Kunal’s addition, ” Four, remember, the victory of the grassroots activists in the fight for perseverance and loyalty under Didi’s leadership and Abhishek’s leadership. Five, remember, on the one hand the work of the government and on the other hand win through an efficient management system. This huge victory will have to take the confidence of the people and the mental satisfaction of ordinary soldiers like us further. There is no place for complacency. Emphasis should be placed on self-criticism. The party is bigger, the government is bigger, more wins, more responsibilities, more work, work is going on. 99% work is good. Arrangements are being made and will be made if 1% is wrong. The activists, supporters, organizers who have fought valiantly in the war of extreme risk of 2021, their respect, dignity, sense of rights is really unique. Give priority to political awareness in the party. Is given. If the administrative gains and losses of personalization are given priority in a handful of people to stay in power, then it is a waste. And be careful who is coming around, who they are, what they want. This warning filter is urgently needed in any ruling party, the grassroots is urgent and the people are being blessed three times over and over again.

Kunal Ghosh further says, sister on the head, leader, the soul of the team, the face, the last word. There is a young Turk, Captain Abhishek. And there are leaders, activists, supporters, compassionate grassroots families. Opponents are conspiring hand in hand. Must stop Compare with the previous catastrophic Left era. Compare other states with the devastating BJP era. Protest the anti-people policy of the Center. The conclusion is the same. Winter summer rains, Trinamool Congress hopes.

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The people of Bengal love the grassroots. Opponents reject. Don’t let any of our team forget their hand. Everyone must be careful. Also, if Facebook and Twitter are shut down one day, the opposition will rise. They have no organization, no public relations. Part of the media and social media trust. They have a long history of sectarianism. Bankruptcy is stuck in the cage of politics.

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Our team is growing, will be. But let us step in such a way that the team will reap the benefits of the normal reaction of growing up, but we must beware of obesity. Obey the old, the new footsteps must be welcomed with time, no one will come because we were there, is it? If the new ones had not laid the foundation, the present stage would not have existed. Those of you who are players of switches and reverse swings, politely remember the day you left the team and stick to today’s code of conduct. The grassroots has and will have this coordination. Mamata Banerjee has made at least five generations, something no other party or leader has done in state politics. And that’s why the team will stay for a long time. “

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