Mamata Banerjee at Bhabanipur: ‘We have to stand for election again as a victim of conspiracy’, says Mamata Banerjee

#Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has sharply attacked Narendra Modi and Amit Shah for abusing central agencies during the election campaign in Bhabanipur. He alleged that as soon as the election was declared, the central agencies became active against the grassroots again That is why grassroots leaders like Abhishek Banerjee and Perth Chatterjee are being summoned by central investigative agencies like the ED and the CBI. At the same time, he complained that he has to fight the election again as a victim of conspiracy However, he said he was happy to return to his home in Bhabanipur

On this day, the Chief Minister addressed a working meeting at Ahindra Mancha of Chetla under Bhabanipur Assembly. There, the Trinamool leader launched a scathing attack on the BJP, accusing the central agency of intimidating the opposition. The Chief Minister said, “The agency has started dancing since the election was announced Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are doing whatever they want The election was announced, Abhishek was called, Perth Chatterjee was called. Incidentally, Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee met ED Jere in Delhi on September 3. On the same day, CBI 7 summoned Perth Chatterjee again in the chit fund case

The Chief Minister also pointed the finger at the BJP’s conspiracy, citing the rate of defeat in Nandigram on the day of campaigning in Bhabanipur. He said, ‘I went to fight in Nandigram, I did not commit any crime I had a sentiment, people requested Booth officers, ICs, observers have been replaced by empty prints Being compelled, I went to one place and sat down and pointed my finger at him For their conspiracy, they had to stand for re-election But I was able to return to my home in Bhabanipur I’m sure the people of Bhabanipur also wanted me to stay here ‘

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