Mamata Banerjee Attacks BJP in Assembly: ‘Bad talk, no work!’ BJP boycotted the swearing in of MLAs, Mamata sneered

#Kolkata: The four new MLAs who won the by-elections took oath in the assembly However, BJP did not take part in the swearing-in ceremony That is why Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee (Mamata Banerjee Attacks BJP in Assembly) sneered at the BJP. Targeting the BJP, he complained, Opponents do not know when they come and go. “

Four Trinamool MLAs (BJP Boycots Oath Taking Ceremony in West Bengal Assembly) won in Kharadha, Gosaba, Dinhata and Shantipur. According to the rules of the assembly, it was Speaker Biman Banerjee who administered the oath to the winning MLAs. However, a few days ago, the Governor himself administered the oath of office to the three new MLAs, including the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister (Mamata Banerjee at Assembly) also thanked the Governor for allowing the Speaker to administer the oath.

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The Chief Minister said, “There should never be any disrespectful attitude towards the tradition of the Legislative Assembly. The speaker is a strong man, he knows enough about the law It is not right to try to monomalign the Deputy Speaker while he is the Speaker We are happy that good sense has emerged A few days ago, we took an oath because there was no time But the speaker will do the work of the speaker, what happened? If I do everything, what will others do? ‘

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However, BJP state president Sukant Majumder has given an explanation for boycotting the assembly He alleged that preparations were underway to celebrate Chhat Pujo across the state Calling a session of the Legislative Assembly in it can hurt the religious sentiments of the people So now the BJP was against the assembly session Despite this, Sukant Majumder also claimed that the BJP MLAs were not present in the assembly even after going to the assembly in protest of the convening of the session.

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