#Kolkata: Even on the second day of the budget session, the assembly witnessed the final tension During the speech of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, the BJP MLAs shouted Narendra Modi in the assembly. However, Mamata Banerjee could not be suppressed. He slammed the BJP with sharp sarcasm and criticism.

BJP-Trinamool protests, counter-protests erupted in the assembly today. In this incident, two BJP MLAs Mihir Goswami and Sudip Mukherjee were suspended for the current session by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Biman Banerjee. The BJP started protesting in the assembly again in protest of the president’s decision

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The Chief Minister highlighted the success of the state government amidst the hustle and bustle of BJP MLAs. Attacking the BJP, Mamata Banerjee said, “A few days ago there was a pre-poll There we won 104 out of 108 seats directly. They could not win in their own area Comes to talk again. Don’t be ashamed of them. They should not get a single seat. They came to the assembly and created chaos. BJP rioted.

On this day, the Chief Minister taunted the BJP and said, “We do not kill the farmers by pushing the car. We are on the side of the farmers. That is why the farmers of Bengal are also by our side. 6 has ruined the country We did not get any help from the center 90 thousand crore rupees are left Don’t be shy. No shame. He did not pay the money. “

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On this day Mamata Banerjee further said, we want peace, they want unrest. We want industry, they want famine. They don’t listen to people. When they died in Kovid, they floated in the Ganges. He was shot dead while protesting against the NRC. What do they talk about again. The people of Bengal have responded to the propaganda. Remember that there is Royal Bengal Tiger in Bengal. Bengal was deprived for a long time. Now Bengal has reached the peak of development. Shikshashree, Kanyashree we have all done. It’s time for them to rest.

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