Mamata Banerjee | Bhabanipur By Poll: CM reached door to door for public relation ahead of By poll

#Kolkata: Bhabanipur Assembly by-election (Bhabanipur By Poll) On the first day of the week, Mamata Banerjee conducted public relations in Ward No. 6 and Ward No. 63. Firhad Hakim was with him. The people of the area were surprised to see Mamata Banerjee suddenly. On this day, Mamta went ahead and inquired about the people of the area like the daughter of the house. Wanted to know about all social projects. Minister Firhad Hakim said to inform if there is any problem. On his return from Navanna, the Chief Minister suddenly came to visit these two wards. The people of the area also got emotional when they saw the Chief Minister (Mamata Banerjee) in front of them.

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By-elections in Bhabanipur at the end of the month. Large public meetings have been canceled in the Covid situation. Instead, the grassroots are emphasizing public relations by going to small street corners and going from house to house. Trinamool candidate Mamata Banerjee (TMC leader Mamata Banerjee) took to the streets this time. Everyone took the good news.

Fellow Firhad Hakim ... Fellow Firhad Hakim …

On her way back from Nabanna on Monday, Mamata first appeared in Ward No. 6 of Bhabanipur Assembly constituency. Minister Firhad Hakim was also present. The Trinamool leader went from house to house and talked to people. He took good news from everyone. He also exchanged greetings with many people. On this day, he once again explained that she is the ‘daughter of the house of Bhabanipur’. In one or two places the domestic chat went on for quite some time.

Later, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee conducted public relations in her own ward. He went from house to house in 63 wards and spoke. He exchanged greetings with everyone. “I’m not getting on stage. There are some restrictions. As a political party, permission has been granted to hold road meetings. Stay well and healthy. Bless me all.”

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On the same day, BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal from Bhowanipore (Poll 2021) filed her nomination file. Priyanka arrives at the Alipore Survey Building with a pujo at the Gol Hanuman Temple in Bhabanipur. There he submitted his nomination to the Election Commission officials. He was accompanied by Shuvendu Adhikari, an opposition leader in the assembly. He suggested the name Priyanka (Priyanka Tibrewal).

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